Windows and Doors

Windows and DoorsGordon Tobey Developments Ltd. is proud to use Northstar® windows in our homes. Standard windows feature: white, vinyl frames, Low-e glass, and non-metallic spacer bar. Low-e glass minimizes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. The non-metallic spacer reduces heat loss at the perimeter of the glass thereby reducing condensation on the window frames during winter months. With reduced likelihood of condensation a higher level of relative humidity may be carried in the home.  Higher humidity yields more comfort in winter, and reduces drying out of the house structure and furniture

Windows can be single or double hung, casement, sliders or awning - with or without mullions.  A variety of colours are available as an upgrade.

Windows and Doors Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

All exterior doors are manufactured by Palma Door Systems Inc.  These high-quality doors are factory enamelled steel with vinyl clad frames. Customers may choose the desired colour at no extra cost.  To meet our customers' unique needs and preferences, Palma Doors offer a wider range of customizable options that can be added as a upgrade.

Patio door leading to the deck or patio is standard.  Garden doors can be added as an upgrade.

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