Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Our standard mechanical package includes a combo heating system, a Lifebreath 130 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), air conditioning (A/C) and a natural gas fireplace.

HVACTo provide heat throughout the home, a combo system employs a natural gas heat source and an air handler.  Water is heated at high efficiency before being sent to the Air Handler.  At the Air Handler, heat is transferred from the water to air and then distributed to the home through a high velocity duct system. The Air Handler uses a DC motor which can reduce electrical consumption by up to 50%.

The heat source used by the combo heating system also provides hot water to the home. For ease of maintenance, the water heater is a rental unit.

The ERV provides fresh air continually to each room and controls house moisture during the heating season. It recovers moisture and energy from the exhausted air and uses it to pre-treat the incoming fresh air. All ERVs installed have a superior efficiency rating.  ERV’s are considered superior to HRV’s which are required in homes built to the Ontario Building Code.

A/C units are computer sized for each home. For reduced electrical consumption, we install units with a superior seer rating of 15.  All A/C units use environmentally friendly non ozone depleting coolant. 

All natural gas fireplaces have a clean face design with no louvers. As a standard, they have a thermostatically controlled fan and electronic spark ignition. As compared to units with a standing pilot light, these units can reduce natural gas costs by up to $150/yr. Customer has choice of fireplace façade, hearth and mantel.


A natural gas barbeque hook up is included at the rear deck or patio.

In floor heating (via hot water or electric) is available as an option.