Exterior walls are constructed of 2” x 6” spruce studs.  They are insulated with R-22 bat insulation and clad with 1” extruded polystyrene.  The resulting total wall insulation value is R-27.

Walls Walls

The standard wall height is 8 feet.  Some plans incorporate 9’ ceilings, vaults and coffered ceilings.

Exterior walls are carefully sealed with 6 mil polyethylene air-vapour barrier.  The rim joist is sealed using spray foam insulation.   In addition, great care is taken to provide a drainage plane on the exterior of the building wall to ensure that exterior moisture from rain, sleet or snow cannot enter into the wall cavity.

All homes in Hamilton woods are masonry clad.  The standard choice is clay brick (builder selection).  Stone may be chosen as an upgrade

Walls Walls