Foundations and Foundation Walls

Basement Homes

Basement walls are constructed to 8’ high using poured concrete. Dimpled air gap membrane on the exterior provides waterproofing.  On the interior side, perimeter walls are insulated with a combination of continuous foam board and bat insulation to full height with R-20.5. They are then sealed with Certainteed MemBrain™ for moisture control.   R-10 foam insulation is placed below the concrete floor.

The foundation is completely encircled with 4” drainage pipe which is covered with stone.  Elevation of ground water is by submersible sump pump.

No Basement Homes

Foundations for no basement homes are constructed using a frost wall design.  Top soil is removed prior to installing concrete footings and a 4’ poured concrete wall.  The interior space is filled with granular backfill. Services are installed within the granular. 

R-7 is installed around the perimeter and R-10 foam insulation is used under the steel reinforced concrete floor.

No Basement homes offer many benefits.  They are excellent choices for those with mobility challenges and wheel chair accessibility needs.  There is no lower level to heat and no sump pump to maintain. Day to day living is enhanced by the presence of natural lighting throughout the home.  A mechanical room is added to the main floor to accommodate the heating and ventilating equipment. In addition, increased storage closets and a storage area above the garage are also included.